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Success, Partnership & Transparency Since 2007

@TriSearch, we align the true intention of the client, with the true intention of the candidate. Relationships and teamwork form the foundation of our business and day to day operation.  Nurturing successful, long-term partnerships with our clients not only makes TriSearch unique, but it is what drives us as a competitive team to continuously go the extra mile for our clients. 

Established in 2015, with origins to 2007, the TriSearch Leadership Team began to look for ways to efficiently overcome traditional recruitment industry shortcomings.  Their efforts resulted in the creation of a proprietary new recruitment model, Customized Partnership Recruitment (CPR), that would end up challenging the industry paradigm. CPR incorporates the best features of Executive Search and RPO and adds a performance-based pricing model. CPR delivers the best aspect of executive search - original research, based on market knowledge, to identify an exact match to the desired profile.  CPR, like a good RPO, provides service level agreements, tailored to client requirements, that include metrics, reporting and transparency across multiple hires. CPR pricing is performance based and ensures interests are aligned. The result is a process that rapidly delivers multiple, high-quality candidates with significant savings and some of the longest placement guarantees in the industry.

TriSearch is more than its award-winning CPR model, and provides a proven, highly targeted, single search solution, Diversity & Inclusion consulting and recruiting and other talent solution such as TA Transformation Consulting. 



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"ACE Scholarship's is growing rapidly, and TriSearch has been a valuable partner as we scale our operations and seek talented individuals to join our team. John Grahame, Heather Huntley, and team won’t rest until they find the perfect match. They are responsive, thorough, and deliver."

Jonathan Tee, COO, ACE Scholarships

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CEO & Co-Founder


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