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CEO & Co-Founder

"Don't give up.
Don't ever give up."

-- Jim Valvano

Bob is affectionately called our team quarterback because he is responsible for getting everyone in the right position and making big plays happen. Bob is also the spirit of the team; he is known to rally behind the team even when times are tough. His beaming optimism lights up every room and sets the tone for our company.


Bob has a broad experience in business and this stems from his work in nearly all industries. He has worked with domestic and international recruitment in the creation of customized RPO solutions for middle – market companies. Bob has successfully completed searches for executive positions such as Board of Directors, CEO, COO, CFO and President representing various industries such as legal, financial service, investment banking, insurance, venture capital, real estate, health care, consumer product, software, manufacturing, hospitality, gaming, information technology and advertising. Bob is also behind the creation of many organizations from the ground up, filing multiple positions with a single client at all levels of business.

Bob started his career in 1995 at DHR International where he managed research and was responsible for all executive search execution, management, administration and training. From 15 to 150 researchers, Bob has helped the company grow to become the fifth largest executive search firm in the US. In 2002, he became President and CEO of JobPlex, a middle management and RPO company as he continued his position at DHR International. From dwindling sales and a $600 revenue, JobPlex grew to a $6 million-revenue company in less than a year with Bob at the helm. Over the next few years, JobPlex continued to grow at a rate of over 50% with service offerings that included middle management searches, on site events and large-scale enterprise programs.

After JobPlex became sustainable, Bob moved on and focused on a new project and thus Tri-Worth was created. TriWorth offered customized project recruitment organization that focused on the middle market. Today, TriWorth belongs to the top RPO businesses. After the success of Tri-Worth, Bob sold the majority of his equity and started his third startup that focused on single and project-based searches. TriSearch was born.

Bob Aylsworth graduated from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania where he received All American Honors as a quarterback. He was also a two-time MVP for the Patriot League. He lives in Denver, CO and is an active member of Vistage. 

Bob Aylsworth: Team
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