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The TriSearch Diversity Practice is an additional component of our full employee lifecycle strategy designed to support our partners with human capital needs.

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Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Some say it’s the right thing to do…

We agree.

But that’s not enough.

Some say we must reflect the market we serve...

We agree.

Still not enough.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is about supporting your business. We recognize that you have no business without people.  Those people include employees, customers and suppliers. We therefore conclude that people are critical to your business.


Furthermore, we know that no two people are alike which means people are diverse in a myriad of ways beyond race and gender. These multiple dimensions of diversity make us who we are as individuals. Which means if we are going to make all of this Diversity work to support our workforce, workplace and marketplace, we must create an environment of inclusion and belonging.


In other words, if people are critical to your business, and people are Diverse, we conclude that Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is critical to your business.

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Explore Unconscious Bias in this presentation by Tony Gilliard


Internal & External Recruiting Best Practices for Building Diverse Slates and Hiring Diverse Talent


Strategy Development
Diversity Assessment
Executive Support


Inclusive Leadership
Unconscious Bias
Leading Across Generations



Managing Director, Diversity Practice

Name, Title

Tony, the TriSearch Diversity Practice Lead, is a strategic Diversity and Inclusion executive consultant and coach with a record of progressive responsibility and complex diversity and inclusion related experiences. He emphasizes leveraging diversity as an integral part of business growth by creating an environment of belonging through inclusive practices. Utilizes Inclusive Leadership subject matter expertise to increase profitability and productivity by leveraging differences and removing the obstacles caused by unconscious bias. He brings outstanding advocacy and diplomatic skills that demonstrate a commitment to equity, fairness, and transparency in Talent Acquisition and Talent Development. Heralded as a dynamic and inspirational people expert with outstanding business acumen. Tony is a leader who employs an inspirational style, motivational speaking, and dynamic facilitation to get desired results.


In 2010, Tony left his corporate career to exclusively focus on helping organizations with their D&I strategy by forming Executive Focus, where for 10 years prior to joining TriSearch, he established himself as a thought leader and highly sought-after expert in creating more diverse and inclusive organizations.  TriSearch is fortunate to be able to combine their diversity recruiting knowledge with Tony’s significant general human resources, recruiting and diversity & inclusion expertise.

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