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Ulterra is dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of oil and gas drilling operations through the use of groundbreaking drill bits and application specific technologies. Throughout the world’s drilling basins, we are building our reputation on performance.

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Ulterra is one of the fastest growing drill bit companies serving the oil and gas industry, and a top market share leader across the oil and gas fields in North America. Ulterra helps operators adapt quickly to changing drilling dynamics with the industry’s most innovative bit designs. With their lean manufacturing and rapid prototyping business model, operators have the advantage of utilizing the latest bit designs and cutter developments—delivered fast with unmatched speed-to-market. With leading engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Ulterra develops advanced technology and PDC bit designs in just a few short weeks, rather than months or years. Our experts specialize in developing new, application specific drill bits and technology with significantly shortened delivery times. We make sure the most advanced industry solutions are always at work in the field.

Ulterra is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and contains approximately 130,000 square feet of engineering and manufacturing space – equipped to solve the toughest drilling challenges. Ulterra also has a manufacturing facility in Canada, as well as repair facilities in Oman, Colombia, Argentina, and Kurdistan. With locations all throughout the United States, Canada, and international, Ulterra’s field service locations are conveniently located near the drilling activity to provide direct support for your drilling operations.


Ulterra is dedicated to identifying performance limiters – including bit design, blade geometry, cutter development, and hydraulics – in order to keep pushing boundaries to increase ROP and lower drilling costs. We connect our team of business engineers and application engineers with the operators and workers out in the fields, allowing us to understand our customers’ needs to build superior products.


Ulterra’s facilities have been officially certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for building new bits and for servicing and repairing rentals with the highest quality. Ulterra’s PDC bits are repaired in a facility whose Quality Management System (QMS) conforms with the requirements of ISO 9001/API Spec Q1. Additionally, Ulterra is the only company to include the design, manufacture, and repair of PDC bits in our scope of registration within one facility.


Ulterra’s health, safety, security, and environmental success has been due to the achievements of our employees with the guidance and procedures of our HSSE department. Currently, Ulterra manages HSSE and training reporting with many customers through four reporting companies and three compliance testing and reporting companies.

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