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A Recruitment Partnership that makes Dollar$ and Cent$

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, every nickel counts. Companies are fighting to stay in the black and are constantly monitoring their costs every quarter.

A great way to save a company’s money while they continue to make money is by partnering with a recruiting firm. A full-service recruiting firm will customize a bundled solution that will be cost effective for an organization while allowing the business to focus on their core competency. Throughout the partnership, the recruiting firm continues to bring in and add valuable employees, which in turn adds to the company’s bottom line. 

A firm like Tri-Search will customize a bundled solution for a company that gives that company access when their needs change, as well as provides access to the latest technology and recruitment methods. 

John Grahame, of Tri-Search, explains that “partnering with a recruiting firm helps to unburden a company’s HR Team which will in turn let that team focus on the core HR needs outside of recruitment.”

Engaging an outside recruitment team will also allow for the peaks and valleys in your hiring needs.  Not adding fixed overhead is essential when seeking to maximize your profits.  Recruiters are resourceful and can attract talent quickly and the right partner will serve as an extension of your existing workforce.

Lastly, and imminently important is decreasing turnover.  Turnover among your employee base is expensive. Onboarding employees and training is costly, once the investment is made you want to amortize it as long as possible and retain employees to establish your culture and focus on growing your organization. 

The right partnership will yield all of the aforementioned cost savings benefits, and in return your organization will grow from having the right people in the right roles. 

Win, win for all!

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