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CHROs’ Nationwide Are Embracing Search Firm’s New Recruitment Model

March 23, 2017. Search firms are always looking for ways to make their processes more streamlined, robust and ultimately successful, not just to be able to pass those services on to their clients, but also to stand out in a crowded marketplace. To achieve individuality and edge, some firms create proprietary interview processes or proprietary technology products while others work to prove themselves as thought leaders in the executive and human resource sphere. One rapidly-rising search firm, Tri-Search, an international full-service talent acquisition company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, recently introduced a new model called Customized Project Recruiting (CPR) and already the proprietary product has garnered praise from CHROs around the country. In fact, the new model is directly responsible for packaging industry giant Coveris’ recent renewal with the emerging firm.

Bob Aylsworth, CEO and one of the founders of Tri-Search, explains CPR. “Customized Project Recruiting is a blend between executive search and RPO. Companies gain the targeted recruitment of passive candidates that they would get from a high level executive search firm with the metrics and reporting that they would receive from an RPO. This helps companies acquire better candidates quicker and at a lower cost.”

Mr. Aylsworth continues to explain the proprietary CPR approach offers companies flexibility (as opposed to an “all or nothing” approach), lower fees and a higher level of customer service. “The customized processes we implement from our dedicated and experienced operations team has also shown tremendous value to our clients.” States Mr. Aylsworth, “CPR also helps strengthen employment branding which is often overlooked within the recruitment world. Within the Tri-Search walls, branding has been realized as a strength to our clients and we work together with the client to design, implement and streamline the brand’s narrative to the marketplace. Moreover, with only one company implementing the search process, there’s no confusing or mixed-branding messages floating about in the marketplace from different companies and people sourcing for the same position.”

The idea behind CPR was created after 15 years of experience in the staffing industry by Bob Aylsworth. Mr. Aylsworth built and sold the RPO Firm TriWorth to a large staffing company in Chicago in 2014. That set the stage for Aylsworth, along with founding partners Stephen Aylsworth and John Grahame, to launch Tri-Search. The three executives soon discovered there was a niche in the marketplace where the mid-level search realm was being underserved and this was something that perfectly fit the executive team’s unique and creative expertise. The trio created CPR in January 2015 and quickly offered the product into the marketplace. CHRO’s around the country have truly enjoyed Tri-Search’s tailored approach to recruit multiple positions per year with an on-demand and strategic partnership. This is a comprehensive and integrated service model using multiple recruiting channels all rolled into one dynamic recruiting package.

The success of CPR is in part due to its high quality of candidates and lower cost structure and so far, this technique has CHROs’ across the country interested in the new product. Enter Anthony Fogel, CHRO of Coveris. Mr. Fogel was one of the early adopters of the burgeoning CPR product. From the beginning of their partnership, Mr. Fogel and Mr. Aylsworth discovered that if Coveris eliminated the surplus contingency firms spend and placed the breadth of searches all under one shop, that they would bring costs down 30-40%, bring in higher quality candidates faster and implement a more robust recruiting process.

“I chose to partner with Tri-Search primarily because they offered us to form a partnership to solve our business challenges and structure a customizable solution that would meet our specific needs, unlike many other search firms who came looking for a problem to fit within their solution,” states Mr. Fogel. “Essentially we’re getting better than contingent fees with a retained level of service through the model we’ve formed with them,” says. Mr. Fogel. “We look forward to another year of engagement with Tri-Search.”

Mr. Aylsworth concludes, “We’re finding more and more CHRO’s are lighting up to both the idea and the implementation of CPR. And with more job growth expected in the coming year, there’s never been a more relevant time to be able to present the marketplace a stronger and more unique cost savings option in the recruiting space than now.”

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