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TriSearch CPR vs. Contingent Search

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

1) Contingent Firms are candidate-focused, not client-focused.  Meaning their business model relies on sending the same candidates to multiple clients.  Their primary concern is a candidate getting hired as quickly as possible for the highest fee.

2) If a Contingent Firm claims they specialize in your industry or position requirement, ask them how many people they placed in the last 12 months. If small, are they truly a specialist and if large, assume you won't be seeing the best candidates as these will have been placed. Ethical firms don't place people twice who are still at their clients!


3) Contingent Firms often claim they have a database of candidates. Databases are mostly candidates who came in 2nd and 3rd place.   Your hires need to be 1st place candidates. Original research will always be superior to reliance on databases post-and-pray, the two primary sources of contingent firms.

4) A Contingent Firm’s business model is all about the transaction.  They want a quick placement and the ability to move on. Once they exhaust their database and the search gets difficult, they will move on. You need a firm that is going to be strategic and stick with you until you have all the right people on board, even if that means producing other search strategies to find a needle in a haystack.  


5) You should want a firm that will stand behind their placements.  If the firm won't give you a substantial guarantee, they are the wrong firm for your important roles.  A true, client-focused, partner will have no problem guaranteeing their placements.


6) Lastly, ask yourself these questions:

Will this firm be more than just a transactional recruiting partner?  

Will they become a true strategic partner, thought leader, networking source and solution architect?

Will they help me continuously improve?

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