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Tri-Search Recruiter Spotlight

This quarter, Tri-Search’s Recruiter Spotlight illuminates Jordan Kaliher.  Jordan joined Tri-Search in 2017 as a Senior Recruiter, coming from a global staffing firm where she was a top producer and managed a team of recruiters.  Jordan is relationship-oriented and utilizes her degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University to ensure the right match between candidates and clients. 

 Tri-Search couldn’t be happier to have Jordan on their team—

“Jordan fits our culture.  She is hard working, competitive and a team player!  She was one of our leaders in placements in her first year with the company and we are fortunate to have her as a part of Tri-Search.” -       Bob Aylsworth, CEO & Founder

 “Jordan displays the personality, teamwork approach and recruitment skill set that thrives in the competitive industry of recruiting... Always first to raise her hand and jump into any search or project to assist a team member, she is a true professional that we are extremely proud to have as part of the Tri-Search family.” -       John Grahame, Managing Director & Founder

“Jordan is diligent, thorough and has been extremely successful within a wide variety of positions and industries.  Being a placement leader for the company, Jordan exemplifies the integrity and client-centric approach of our firm.” -       Steve Aylsworth, Managing Director & Founder

“Jordan epitomizes talent; she is tenacious, eager and never afraid to jump in with new ideas.  She serves as a role model and a resource for our new employees.” -       Allison Halpern, Managing Director

We spoke with Jordan about her time spent with Tri-Search, her views on recruiting and her advice for job seekers. 

What has been your most satisfying (and your most challenging) job fills while at Tri-Search? 

JK:  My most satisfying job fill was placing a new Division Manager at a leading manufacturing distributor.  This position is an extremely visible role for the client, so the process was lengthy.  It was about 14 months from kick-off to signed offer letter.  The candidate was very passive in his search for a new opportunity and was patient throughout the course of the process.  He started earlier this week, and I can’t wait to see what he is able to accomplish!

The most challenging position was working on a Continuous Improvement/Quality Manager for a leading, global packaging company.  The requirements for the role changed a few times throughout the course of the search, and the location wasn’t the most incentivizing place.  However, we were able to find the perfect candidate who started last September! 

What do you like most about the recruiting process?

JK:  I love partnering with clients to determine exactly what they’re looking for and then the challenge of finding people that meet those specifications.  I love the opportunity to help clients and candidates find each other to ensure the right fit, long-term.   

What are your thoughts this far on your time spent with Tri-Search?

JK:  I can’t speak highly enough about Tri-Search and the team we have in place.  The leadership team is extremely supportive – personally & professionally.  They empower us yet are always there to help.  The team we have is wonderful, even though we work remotely, everyone is willing to lend a helping hand.  We are there to celebrate all of each other’s victories, as well as empathize with each other.  

What advice would you give people looking to change jobs? 

JK:  Network as much as possible!  Also, make sure to do your homework on the company and have specific reasons why you’re interested in working for them.  You should interview the company as much as they interview you to determine if it will be the right fit long-term.

Any personal details you’d like to share? 

JK:  I am expecting my first baby this month!

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