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Tri-Search Special Initiative - Charity Donation Program

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Within this unprecedented global crisis, our team @ Tri-Search is putting together a full-court press on supporting businesses across the country who are on the frontlines fighting COVID-19. We have a nationwide staff of outstanding Executives, Recruiters and Researchers, who are mobilized and focused on helping you hire. We have announced that our owners are not taking a salary during this crisis so that we can offer significantly reduced fees to companies struggling to meet COVID-19 driven talent burdens.

We’re also proud to announce a new initiative we are currently involved with and feel passionate about.

Giving back during these challenging times is vital; we’ve decided to donate a portion of our engagement fees to charities and foundations that are meaningful to our partners.  During this time, if you engage Tri-Search for a new search, 10% of engagement fees will be donated to the charity or foundation of your choice.

We’re hopeful that together, we will be able to make a difference. 

With Support and Gratitude,

The Entire Team @ Tri-Search

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