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TriSearch's John Grahame Reaches out to Former Pro Hockey Alums

NHL Alum, and Managing Partner/ Co-Founder of TriSearch, John Grahame recently participated in a PHPA Hockey Podcast in an effort to reach out to former pro hockey players who may be interested in a business development role in the recruiting industry.

"As a former player, I was faced with exploring what I would do after my playing career, of once again finding true purpose and being part of a group with a common goal. TriSearch provided all of the answers I was looking for. Building a network is something all athletes have done naturally throughout our careers and the idea is to give PHPA Members an avenue to utilize those established networks as a career path into the business world. The friendships and business relationships developed throughout our playing careers overlaps with the targeted market for TriSearch. Initiating these introductions about possible recruiting needs is the foundation for this position. And once comfortable, additional responsibilities and growth are readily available for personal advancement. Currently, we have the infrastructure already built with our top notch Operations Team that executives and fulfills the actual recruitment process once the commitment has been made."

John was recently a guest on The PHPA Podcast to discuss his hockey journey, how he became Co-Founder of TriSearch, and explains how this opportunity may be perfect for several current and former PHPA Members:

Listen here:

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