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TriSearch Spotlight: Ian Maxwell

I firmly believe that the biggest influence on your luck comes down to not just how you treat the people who do get the job, but almost more importantly how you treat the other 99% of people who don’t get the job along the way. I’m far from perfect, but I really make a concerted effort to follow up with candidates who don’t get the job, offer people tips on their resume, and to help train them on how to become better interviewees. My goal is that every who works with me, whether they get the job or not, walks away with something valuable for having shared their time with me.

In this specific circumstance, my candidate was someone who had a brilliant career overseas in Singapore, but came to the US two years ago to get married, and had since struggled to get more than temp work. She had lost her confidence in herself and that was her biggest challenge. I took the time to re-affirm with her knowledge and passion, and shared with her that interviewing is a skill that can be improved incrementally, just like anything else. She told me that believing in her and instilling that confidence was what allowed her to knock the interview out of the park.

I believe that if you rack up enough good Karma by treating people right and approaching people with positivity and an open attitude as you move through the world, then every once in a while the universe grants you a little something in return 😊.


Senior Recruiter & Career Coach


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