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TriSearch Success – The Paragon of CPR Performance

Since 2015, TriSearch has been a leader in the recruiting industry and always continues to explore solutions to solve traditional recruiting industry shortcomings. TriSearch’s efforts resulted in the development of a proprietary new recruitment approach, Customized Partnership Recruitment (CPR), which challenged the entire industry paradigm. CPR rapidly delivers high-quality candidates with significant savings and offers some of the longest placement guarantees in the industry. But as a recent episode illustrates, this proprietary recruitment model is only as powerful as the intellectual team of recruiters that support it.

At the close of a routine client kick-off call, Jen Falkenburg, Senior Recruiter, and Robyn Sunata, Head of Sourcing, were presented with a unique and challenging opportunity. A well-known company in the technology professional services industry was in search of an unemployment insurance subject matter expert through a D.C. government contract. This particular open position had many requirements; a high-level overview of policies and procedures, D.C. law, and unemployment knowledge, including someone local to the specific area. Not only was this open position very unique, but the company had an urgent need to get someone placed quickly.

These unique requirements were all Robyn needed to begin her search for this rare gem individual. By maximizing TriSearch’s proprietary technology to create an effective pipeline, Robyn had uncovered the perfect match within a few short weeks. Jen's keen ability to connect one-on-one with the client and unearth the buried pertinent details while keeping the candidate engaged through the interview and negotiating process, combined with Robyn's exceptional gift of finding the perfect fit for both the client and the candidate, is truly what slam dunked this CPR success story.

This great story of talent acquisition success exemplifies the collaboration of TriSearch's sourcing and recruiting teams. TriSearch's talent experts envision huge advancements in 2023.

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