What We Do

At Tri-Search, we stand by our mission and that is to align the true intention of the client to the true intention of the candidate. In everything we do and in everything we achieve, we owe it all to our team, who is behind the success of our three service offerings.


Tri-Search is an International full service talent acquisition company that is headquartered in Denver, CO. We were established in 2007 and specialize in placing mid-level positions for companies of any size throughout the US, Canada and the UK. Mid-level positions are jobs with compensations ranging from $50,000 to $200,000. These mid-level positions can be placed in a retained one-off engagement or in a CPR (Customized Project Recruitment) solution for multiple positions.

Our “C Level” searches range from start-up companies to businesses with approximately $100 million in revenue. For companies within this range it is generally a different type of Executive our clients are looking for and our team has been successful in finding positions for companies at this level. Our team takes great pride in finding these individuals using an efficient and effective personal approach while truly getting to know the culture of our clients.

We approach each retained single search or CPR project with an effective personal touch that directly targets companies to locate and recruit the best passive talent in the market place. We believe that personally assessing the needs of a company is the best way to locate and recruit the best talent that will suit a position. And this unique personal approach also helps us stick to our mission of helping clients and candidates meet eye to eye. 

Our Unique Tri-Search Execution

Tri-Search uses a specific three-pronged approach. This involves a Sr. Partner and Sr. Recruiter for each account and a shared services platform that provides unlimited access to the sourcing of candidates. This approach helps us to effectively and efficiently find the best talent.

Our Offerings


Retained Single Search


Customized Sourcing Solutions


Customized Project Recruitment

RSS – Retained Single Search

Tri-Search provides a tailored Retained Single Search approach for every client to efficiently identify the best talent for every market. Our team are experts in locating and qualifying the top talent for any given position. Our single search assignments are for C-Level positions for a $1 to $100 million in revenue company and also for hard to find $50,000 to $200,000 mid-level positions. Recruitment is done efficiently since these positions are crucial for organizations and companies from start-up to Fortune 500 companies.

CPR – Customized Project Recruitment

Our Custom Project Recruitment is a proven, tailored approach to recruit multiple positions per year. This on-demand, strategic partnership incorporates a comprehensive and integrated service model using multiple recruiting channels tailored to your specific needs. Our focused process for large hiring initiatives creates a single point of accountability and eliminates the confusion of multiple vendors, programs, and resources. Based on experience, we have been very successful in growing start-ups to Fortune 500 companies using our custom approach to meet hiring needs. This program effectively reduces cost per hire, time to hire, and fits perfectly within our client's recruitment goals.

CSS – Customized Sourcing Solution

For clients that have larger in – house recruitment needs, our Customized Sourcing Solution allows clients to exponentially increase the number of qualified candidates that they review. Our team will interview and process applications of candidates to speed up the recruitment process. We understand that clients want nothing but the best candidates to fill in various positions in their companies and therefore we process these applications in the most professional and experienced manner. Our Customized Sourcing Solution is based entirely on the needs of each individual client, therefore every CSS is extremely scalable and flexible to change with shifting business conditions.

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