We are Tri-Search.

We are here not just to help you find a job but to get you a step closer to your dream career!

Every job seeker understands how challenging it is to find a job that will fit their skills, their talents and of course, a job that will take them closer to the career that they have been dreaming of all their lives. Job-seeking becomes trial and error, often at the expense of the job seeker. On the other hand, finding the right candidate for the job is a difficult thing as well for a client and this often leads to wasting time, money and resources in the long run.

Tri-Search aims to put an end to all this and create a whole new environment where our clients and the candidates we uncover can be united for the perfect fit.

Our company began as a dream of three partners; three dedicated professionals with one common mission: to align the true intention of the client to the true intention of the candidate.

This mission reverberates in everything we do and is backed by over 35 years of collective recruitment experience. We plan to help more people find their true career path by matching the right client with the right candidate for any kind of project.


The Tri in our name stands for the following:

  • Tri is for the 3 partners with 3 different backgrounds and successful All-American sports careers. Three experienced professionals that dare to dream the ideal Team environment.

  • Tri is for the three words that Tri-Search is known for and these are Relationship, Speed and Quality. All three are vital in fulfilling the company’s mission for every client and candidate.

  • Tri is for our 3 service offerings which are important in placing candidates for mid-level positions for companies of any size. These are RSS or Retained Single SearchesCPR or Customized Project Recruitment and CSS or Customized Sourcing Solutions.

  •  Tri is for our 3-pronged recruitment approach for seamless execution.

  • Tri stands for 3 wins: The Client, The Candidate and Our Firm.


Tri-Search may have started as a dream but it is now
making reality happen for all of our clients. Contact Us.

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