Why We Do It

Tri-Search is "Talent Recruitment with Intention”. This is our foundation and this is why we do it. We are built from three important factors that shape our business: Relationship, Speed and Quality. These cascade through our company’s methodologies and beliefs as we align our clients with the perfect candidates leading to a stat we are extremely proud of: 100% client and candidate referencable.

What is Recruitment with Intention?

Intention inˈten(t)SH(ə)n/, is defined as a thing intended; an aim or a plan. At Tri-Search, we believe that intention is what differentiates us within the recruitment industry. We take great pride in researching and aligning the true intentions of our clients and candidates.

Oftentimes, the human element is overlooked in the recruitment indsutry. Recruitment is a life- changing process that, if done right, will help propel a company’s growth. Getting hired for a job is also a life-changing event for any candidate, unlocking amazing growth opportunities for their future. Tri-Search takes its responsibility of creating an ideal environment for clients and candidates to be successful with the utmost respect. The core of Tri-Search’s belief is taking into account the importance of the human element in recruitment while still ensuring that the top candidate is provided for our clients.  

From hiring an entry level position to welcoming the next CEO, all aspects of a truly aligned and successful hire is guaranteed. Tri-Search prides itself in making a huge difference in people’s lives through finding new opportunities to use their unique talents to grow their careers.

We believe that this is not a numbers gamequality matters and this quality shines through in every member of the Tri-Search team. 

Shaping Our Business with Three Important Factors

Relationship is all about interacting with our clients and assessing their needs on a personal level. Building a trusting relationship with our clients allows us to create the best working environment between clients and our team so that every recruitment project is efficiently, effectively and successfully completed.

Speed is all about making sure that the right candidate matches with the ideal client as soon as possible without compensating on quality. Time is money and every second wasted is money lost. We understand the importance of time and money for our clients and therefore we make the recruitment process efficient, simple, and built for speed without overlooking recruitment quality.

Quality is seen in every project and in every single search that we facilitate. From assessing the client’s needs to processing candidates, we make sure that every step and aspect of the recruitment process is efficient and considers the company’s goals. 

In short, relationship, speed and quality are the secrets to winning.
At Tri-Search, everyone wins! Contact Us.


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